Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lady in Red

Just having a bit of fun before the old year ends and the new one begins!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Monday, December 8, 2008

Mini Depression is Really What it is!

Salutations, First I like to state: I’m so grateful first we have our new President-elect Barack Obama stepping in to help and pull us out of this “Mini Depression”! We talk about tough times ahead and $100 dollar bills being handed out. When need more than that to pull us out. That $100 is just week’s worth of gasoline and a candy bar!
Our entire family resides in a Shelter while I finish my degree on-line, and my husband drive miles to support us while we all live in a night shelter. We deal with real life issues with our children-observing street mentally to survive another day. At night when they come in to the shelter they clutch their Nintendo DS close to them. When go to sleep they tuck them away in a pillowcase so nobody will slip them away! From a sociological perspective we are crashing fast and hard into the new millennium, I think we need to find a solution ASAP.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Homeless Life

Greetings! Well my life has made a 360 degree turn around. We are homeless and living on the streets. Our children still go to the public school system. At night we go to the Night Shelter and stay with others who are in the same situation! When I can I will post pictures of our new life.

This oddest thing about this problem is when I did a photography project at TWU on the homeless. I did research on Dorothy Lange who was not homeless but that was her focus in photography. Little did I know that when I did a self portait of myself and children that if would be a reflection of our new way of living! Eerie foreshadowing!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Perspectives on Women's Health Final Blog

Blog #15
Final Blog: This is me finally feeling better after having Pnuemonia with my best cat buddy. Hope everyone has a great summer!

What I found most interesting:
Is the topic of Substance Abuse and it is considered a form of Self-Directed Violence upon ones self! From attending Alon-Non-meetings form an old boy friend, it’s discussed at these meetings from the Alcohol Anonymous that alcoholism is a disease.

I never thought substance was a form of this type of self-mutilation. I had even posted on my blogger an essay about this type of problem which plaques many individuals and we have a high failure rate on recovery.

In our course this semester another interesting topic is cardiovascular disease.
Another is the difficulty and significance of communication between ones healthcare provider, which is a very important role in ones life. I found it interesting that a woman who is a lesbian are sometimes afraid to communicate with their health care provider. This a serious issue as well substance abuse because becoming a doctor they have take a hypocritical oath to those they treat and not to make judgment upon ones on gender or abuse of ones self; nor, enough research in this area, because we are all one.

On our global perspective I found how massive the problems plaguing Africans, and India and other countries with the issue of AIDS. The value of women needs to be raised and have more empathy for all who are afflicted. This disease is taking the young, active sexual, and leaving the aged to take care the youngest children. On a multicultural level we need to raise question why are we letting this happen in these country and let the United Nations to do more on education.

Parting thoughts!
I find an injustice in our society, which allows a covert incest religious order to support child abuse; however, our government does have to have supportive evidence in order to charge one of such an offence. So I posted a blog on Texas Mormon Sect In Texas. I found no one felt the need to post on this subject.

Another interesting issue we need to push for modernizing and equality from these tyrant cultures that feel female circumcision is the best for a woman’s body. Women in underdeveloped countries are still living in oppression where women in the United States have advanced in many ways, others on the other hand others are still suffering cultural mutilation of their genitals.

One final thought was while I was surfing the TWU website I had never looked into the opportunities the Women’s Health Studies fields has to offer. This field has many careers that one can to support one and help woman in many areas. I would never looked into this if it hadn’t been for this class.